Best Applock for Android 2019 | Top List of Best Applock Apps


 Top List of Best Applock Apps for Android

Best Applock for Android: Previously, the Android device security has been upgraded for better use of the device. Applock provides utmost security for every Android device. Many Android devices come with a built-in app locker that guides your phone from unwanted users, while some other Android devices do not have the built-in Applock security.

Some years back, many Android users rely on the ordinary Android screen lock to keep their device safe not knowing that once the passcode of the screen lock is known, anyone can access the device apps freely. But recently, various apps have been developed to lock everything lockable me in the Android device.

List of Best Applock Apps Available for Android Download

Are you worried on how to get the best Applock app for your device? Then worry no more because you are at the right place. There are lots of Applock apps available for download in the Google playstore, these various Applock apps performs same functions which is securing your private apps and files.

Here are some of the best Applock apps for Android e vices, visit your Android Google playstore to download any of them.

  • Locx Applock – this Applock app is one of Android device best Applock which helps you to secure your photos, messages, games, videos, and lots more. Locx Applock is faster than other app locks and doesn’t take a lot storage space in your Android device.
  • Norton Applock – with the Norton Applock, you can lock up each of your apps and files with a 4 digit PIN, pattern, or a fingerprint scanner. Aside its security aspect, the Norton Applock offers its users an ad-free Android app locker.
  • Applock fingerprint by SpSoft – this is a unique lock app that helps you secure your app using a pin, pattern, or a fingerprint. The most interesting part of this app is that it has a friendly user interface. It takes a photo shot of anyone who tries to unlock your device apps without your consent and also sends the photo to you via your email address.
  • Perfect Applock – unlike every other Applock apps that s cures only your device apps, the perfect Applock also locks up your phones Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and your data connection. You also have the opportunity to lock your incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Smart Applock – the smart Applock app is a powerful Applock. The app disguises itself as a lock screen and secures your apps in your Android device.
  • Applock by Do mobile – this is a popular app that gives high security to all your files and apps in your device. It allows you to hide photos, and videos, stores all of them in a private tab for no other person to access them. Most of its features include; fingerprint support, uninstall protection, add a fake cover to lock apps, enable fingerprint recognition, hide the app icon and many more.

Having gone through the list of the best Applock for Android devices, it is advisable to quickly visit your Android device and install the any of the Applock apps to your device.


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