Automotive News | How To Access Automotive News website

Automotive News | How To Access Automotive News website

Automotive News website

Automotive News is a popular news website platform “” that provides news and information about the global automotive industry from the data center. Are you searching for the latest news, you can access car news from the auto industry, including auto shows, latest vehicles, future cars and lots more. So to get information on the automotive industry, you need to visit

Automotive News

A weekly print newspaper is written for the automotive industry, primarily individuals that have to do with automobile manufacturers and suppliers. The company is owned by Crain Communications Inc., based in Detroit. Automotive news is seen as the newspaper of record for the auto industry. However, it has a team of over 55 editors and reporters across the globe.

Automotive News website offers daily breaking news updates and headlines. The platform provides you with news generated using the combined resources of automotive news, auto news China, auto news Europe, Autoweek, Bloomberg, and Reuters Business news.

Automotive News Europe, Canada & China

Access all the latest news, breaking stories, top headlines, opinion, photos, and videos on automotive news from China, Europe, and Canada.

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Automotive news covers the European market, targeting vehicle development, production, marketing, and sales. So to get information on the auto industry in Europe, proceed to to access the platform.

How to Access Europe Page

To locate news on automotive, visit

Scroll to the top right side of the homepage, look for the tab that says “automotive news Europe” and tap on it, it will take you to their page.


This is the country’s leading news source for the automotive industry including new and used vehicle markets. With you can read about Canadian auto news, info and the latest auto industry update.

How to Access Canada Page

It is very simple to locate the auto news Canada page.  All you need to do is to visit, on their abode-page, look at the upper part of the screen and find the button that says “automotive news Canada”. With one click on the button, the auto Canada news page will appear, you can now scroll through the page and access the information you desire.


It offers intensive coverage, with an all-new integrated look, focusing on the automotive manufacturing and retail market in China. Learn more about the dealership and the showroom traffic at car dealerships in China. Are you looking for auto info and car news on China’s automakers, Chinese made cars, the auto industry, global automobile reports, car show shows, and many more?  An end has come to your search, with the website.

How to Access China Page

Go to, at the top right corner of the screen, click on the “automotive news China” link, and then wait for the page to open.

Automotive News Data Center

In case you are searching for valuable information about special editorial content, news features, and research, you will find it in the automotive data center.

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The automotive data Center is the primary source of auto sales, production, inventory, and incentive data. So every important data or information you need to know any automotive products is embedded in the data center.

Data Center Subscription

To access the data center, you need to subscribe. Note; subscription to this data center is different from the normal auto news subscription.

The platform offers two subscription plans for data center, they are, a limited Access and full Access subscription plan. The Limited Access plan lets you download flat PDF and Excel files of their data cables and lists. While the Full Access plan gives you access to three custom data tools. Visit on the data center page scroll down and choose from the two subscription plans.

How to Login to Data Center

To access the data center page, ensure you subscribe to any of the subscription plans. Visit the data center homepage at locate the login field and enter your email address and password, then select the “log in” widget below.

Automotive News Account Sign up

To read the information on the auto news site you need to create an online account, follow the procedure below to register

  • Search for
  • On their abode-page page, click on the “account” widget at the upper part of the screen.
  • If you are already a subscriber, tap on the “activate online account” but if you don’t have the online account already, select the create online Account”
  • Provide the following information, your full name, Job title, company, industry, country, Phone, Phone type, email address. Then confirm your email.
  • Move down, create a password, and confirm the password.
  • Move downward and tap on the “Create Account” widget.

How to Sign in

From the auto news homepage, Press on the “login” tab located at the page right top. Look to the left corner of the page you will see the sign in field, enter your email and password. Then scroll down and tap on “Sign in” under.

Now that’s just about how you create an account and access the Automotive News website.


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