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Applock Fingerprint Apk Download

Applock Fingerprint Apk: The world is fast becoming more modernized by the day, with lots of technologies and gadgets to keep our daily lives active.  The latest technology is the fingerprint lock for our phones, which gives us high security to all apps in our phones.

What is Applock? 

AppLock is known to be a lite weight application that lets its users lock any type of applications and files on their Android phones. The Applock app is very easy to use and also very useful for online banking apps where you store your personal and financial details.

Applock app was developed by DO mobile with a total download of about a million and the app is available in over 20 different languages around the world.

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With the Applock app, you can lock both system apps and third-party apps. The system apps include; SMS, calls, and chats, while the third-party apps include; your WhatsApp app, Facebook app, twitter app, and the Instagram app.

Features of the Applock App

The Applock app is a special and very intelligent app which allows you protect and keep your Android device safe from hackers. The Applock Company never stops updating the apps features for better use of the app, some of its features include;

  • Applock offers users two layers of security.
  • Let’s you keep your pictures and videos in a safe place that only you can open and view it.
  • Allows you lock and unlock your apps automatically.
  • Has the fake cover feature which helps to confuse an unauthorized users.

Just like its name implies, Applock is a simple way to lock every lockable app on your device.

If you feel bored typing passwords and using patterns to unlock your phones apps all the time that means we are on same boat. Most times I forget my pin or pattern which prevents me from accessing my phone.

Not to worry, there is a more effective, simple, and better to secure your phone apps rather than the usual pin and pattern – Applock fingerprint.

What Is An Applock Fingerprint?

Wonder what an Applock Fingerprint Apk is??? Funny, an Applock fingerprint is a dual advanced security lock screens and fingerprint enabled app lock that makes your phone apps totally safe and secured from unauthorized users.

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The Applock fingerprint is a free program for Android users that utilizes tools and its dev loved by hyper speed with over 30million users around the globe. It helps protect any app with fingerprint lockers.

How an Applock Fingerprint Works

With a fingerprint scanner, the Applock fingerprint allows you to lock any installed apps and games on your phone device. The Applock fingerprint prevents unauthorized users from accessing your phone and its apps.

It helps to lock any apps like; the system apps, private app, downloaded and social apps in your device. In using the app, you need to scan your finger to unlock the app. Any other person who tries to unlock the app without your consent will be caught by taking an instant selfie of the person.

Features of the Applock Fingerprint

Applock Fingerprint Apk can lock and unlock every of your private apps and sensitive information, it ensures 100% security for your phone apps. Some of its features are;

  • It has a fake cover feature which helps to confuse the hacker.
  • It supports sound and vibration effects.
  • Has automatic color setting in app lock screen.
  • Has an intruder selfie support.
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switches control.
  • Allows you unlock with pin, pattern, or fingerprint.

Where Can I Use Applock Fingerprint?

The Applock Fingerprint Apk is supported by all phones; Android, smartphones, and iPads. It can be used in any device that has the fingerprint sensor. If your device does not have the fingerprint sensor, you can install the simulated Applock on your phone. When you install and enable the Applock to your phone, you can lock your phone with the Applock pin or pattern.

With the Applock Fingerprint Apk on your phone, you can automatically lock your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and even other system apps on your phone.

Note: Applock Fingerprint Apk only uses your device administrator permission before uninstalling Applock fingerprint from your device.


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