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Amazon Prime Now App and Amazon Promo Codes/Coupons

Amazon Prime Now App Download: is a service provided specifically for Amazon prime members, to enable them make orders for a quick delivery of products in select zip codes. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce businesses that do with online shopping. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. However, it started as an online bookstore, it was recorded to have made sells in all fifty states and 45 countries around the globe.

Amazon decide to increase its product line by including items like, apparel, electronics, furniture and many more. As it stands, Amazon boasts up to 120,000 employees with enough Warehouse space for effective work. Moreover it also makes use of robots to retrieve products while processing order, to make it easier for their employees.

How Does Amazon Prime Now App Download work?

Prime Now offers amazing Amazon plus daily household products and grocery essentials. When you visit the website, just enter your zip code and then shop now, select a local store, you can now include items you want.

To check out, you will need your Amazon prime account. And then wait for your order, as it will get to you via the delivery window you selected.

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Moreover, every restaurant’s order gets to you as soon as you order for it; you can also keep tracks of what you purchased.

Every member of amazon prime is entitled to free two days shipping policy on all Prime order. Do you know with this service you can get the product you ordered on the same day unlike other online shopping services?

Prime Now is not available in every location, so to find out if the service is available in your area, all you need to do is to go to prime Now website and type in your Zipcode. It is then, that you will know if you can use Prime Now where you live.

Products to Sell or buy On Amazon Prime Now App

This service allows thousands of products or items over dozens of categories. You can sell items like, electronics, seasonal products, household accessories, furniture and lots more. Thus individuals can also get restaurants and local stores delivery, depending on your location.

How to download Prime Now app on Android /iPhone

If you have not gotten app, quickly follow these procedures to download it

For Android/iPhone devices

  • Navigate to your phone menu, select “play store” or “app store” icon, depending on your phone
  • On the play/app store, and move to the search tool and type in “Amazon prime Now app”
  • The app will appear on the screen, click on the app
  • Tap on the “install” link and then go ahead to launch the app.

How to Use Amazon Prime Now App Download

  • Login with your Amazon log in details
  • The search box, it’s where you type in the item you need, to know if it’s available.
  • Items or products are placed according to categories, if you fell to see the category you are looking for, just tap on the menu icon represented with “three lines” at the top, from the list, select “Shop by department” button
  • To buy previous purchases, maybe there’s this particular item you always buy, simply select “this option” and then re-order.

Shop for thousands of everyday essentials and gift products including local Store purchases right within your amazon Prime Now app.

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How does Amazon Promo Code Work

The promotional code is also known as online coupons. On your Amazon purchases, you can actually use it at checkout in other to save money. The code consists of a combination of letters and numbers. However, to get a discount on purchases all you need is to Key in the alphanumeric code in the correct box located in Amazon checkout page.

How to Get Amazon Promo code? 

Every product in Amazon has its own Promo code, that is to say, gives different Amazon Promo codes for every product starting from apparel to appliances.

Moreover, to get these Promo codes and coupon sent to you whenever it’s available, you can also sign up for Amazon email list. With the email list, as soon as a promo code comes on board you will receive it right away.

Receive Promo Codes Via Email – Sign up For Amazon Email list

You might be wondering if there’s need for signing up for Amazon email list, just like what I said above, the email list is what enables you to get notice, when a promo code comes up. Therefore to sign up for these email lists follow these steps,

Sign up Steps

  • Go to
  • Scroll to the down part of the page, click on “sign up” under “Get our email” section
  • on the sign up for page, read through the terms of use and privacy policy
  • Key in your email address and password. Ensure the password you enter is between 8 and 64 characters long
  • Scroll down you will see empty check boxes which says “ send me the weekly Supersaver and other special offers” and “send me offers from partners” all you need to do is to check mark the empty box next to the statement.
  • When you are done with the above steps, tap on the “sign up” tab below. Note by selecting the “sign up” widget, it means you concur to the terms of use and privacy policy.


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