Affordable wireless power banks for quick charging on the go


You’re a busy person with places to go and people to see. Running out of charge on your phone is the last thing you should have to worry about. Nowadays, a dead phone is not only an inconvenience—it’s a sign of unprofessionalism. Missing a call or being slow to respond to an email could cost you, but stress not! That plummeting battery percentage is no threat when you have a wireless power bank.

Why bother with cumbersome USB cords when you can simply place your phone on top of a wireless charger? Full charge with zero effort. No more asking the barista at the coffee shop where the outlets are. Most of these power banks can charge multiple devices at once, so your friends can benefit too. Here are some of our favourite wireless power banks available today.

Kenu BingeBank 10000 mAh Power Bank Qi Wireless Charger + Kickstand
FaceTime while your battery rejuvenates.

This power bank can charge up to three devices at once. It has a Qi-wireless charging pad with suction to keep your phone attached, a USB port and a USB-C port. The BingeBank also has a kickstand, so you can conveniently video chat or stream content while charging. This will charge a nearly dead phone to 50 percent in 30 minutes and the Qi pad works for iPhones 8 or later.

Wireless Portable Charger Power Bank 25000mAh
Beauty and beast.

This sleek red and black monster can charge an iPhone X up to seven times in one charge of the power bank itself. It can also charge a Galaxy S9 up to five times in a charge and works on iPads and other Android devices. This power bank can charge your device wirelessly as well as via USB-C or micro USB. The battery life of your device will appear on the charger’s LED display.

AUKEY Wireless Power Bank with 18W Power Delivery, Wireless Charger Portable 8000mAh, USB C Power Bank
Has low-current mode for headphones.

The Aukey has Qi charging capabilities as well as one USB-C and two USB-A ports. It has a low-current charging mode for fitness trackers, AirPods, and other devices that don’t require high-current charging. This power bank is about the size of a phone and can charge devices to up to 80 percent within 35 minutes.

Anker Wireless Power Bank, PowerCore 10,000mAh Portable Charger
Versatile and powerful.

This comes at a low price for a 10,000mAh charger. It has Qi compatibility, USB-A and USB-C ports. It also comes with USB cables for both ports and a travel pouch for the power bank. The Anker can charge multiple devices, both high and low current, at once. It can also charge your devices while the power bank itself charges.


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